This method is being exported so you’re able to Europe, The united states and other parts of the world

  • Holograms that have 3d images you to transform shade from inside the metallic foil for the obverse section of the notes(exclusion out-of 1000 acquired)
  • Watermark portraits of the effigy of one’s mention can be seen when held on the light throughout the light part of the mention
  • Intaglio printing towards terms plus the effigy give off an elevated effect, different than normal report
  • Shelter bond from the right side of obverse front having quick lettering “???? Lender out of Korea” plus the denomination
  • Color progressing ink for the value count in the rear of the new note

For the first time globally, the new KOMSCO, the fresh new Korean perfect, inserted another type of compound on cards so you can detect counterfeits.

The Southern area Korean ?1000 Banknote portrays to the top Yi Hwang, Myeongryundang into the Seonggyungwan and you can plum herbs. Yi Hwang is one of the a couple most noticeable Korean Confucian scholars of the Joseon Dynasty, additional are his younger modern Yi I (Yulgok). On the back it portrays Gyesangjeonggeodo; a paint Yi Hwang within the Dosan Seowon because of the Jeong Seon.

The fresh new Southern Korean ?5000 Banknote portrays towards frontYi I, Ojukheon in the Gangneung, black flannel. On the rear it depicts Pests and you can Plant life, an artwork out-of a good watermelon and you can cockscombs by the Yi I’s mom Shin Saimdang.

Brand new Southern area Korean ?10000 Banknote depicts on frontSejong the great, Irworobongdo, a foldable display to have Joseon-era leaders, and you can text message throughout the next chapter out of Yongbieocheonga, the initial functions out-of literature written in Korean. Sejong the nice is actually the brand new next queen of your Joseon Dynasty off Korea. On the back they depicts the planet away from Honcheonsigye and Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido in the record

The latest bridegroom flew by pony towards the bride’s family and you may just after the wedding service took his spouse for the good palanquin (sedan couch) so you can their parents’ family to call home together

The brand new Southern area Korean ?50000 Banknote illustrates on frontShin Saimdang that have Chochungdo, A folding Screen away from Padded Herbs and you may Insects that is Southern Korean Federal Appreciate Zero. 595 from the background. Shin Saimdang are an effective Korean musician, publisher, calligraphist, noted poet, and mother of one’s Korean Confucian scholar Yulgok. On the back it depicts Bamboo and an effective maesil forest.

Matrimony in the Southern area Korea is similar to those who work in the fresh new Western nations, but enjoys book attributes of its own, particularly as a result of the determine of Korean Confucianism.

A beneficial chima (??), an entire-length, high-waisted, wrap-around skirt are worn

In ancient times, wedding events (Honrye) were held regarding bride’s turf otherwise house. New groom and bride wore authoritative legal apparel with the matrimony service. Average folks was indeed allowed to wear the true luxury gowns just into their wedding. Give lanterns are used for lighting the way on the groom’s the place to find the newest bride’s household into nights until the relationship. Traditionally, new groom’s nearest and dearest do carry a married relationship chest filled up with gifts into the bride’s friends. Marriage ducks is an icon for a long and you may happier relationships. Cranes mean longevity that can be illustrated with the woman’s sash.

This new ladies’ clothing has an excellent jeogori (???; small coat with long arm) with a couple a lot of time ribbons being linked with means brand new otgoreum (???). Boat-formed boots produced from cotton, is used that have white-cotton socks. The bride’s gowns you’ll become a white sash having high signs otherwise plant life. An effective headpiece or top can be used. The fresh new norigae (???) try a hanbok (??) design which was donned by every classes from Korean women for hundreds of years. It’s linked with the latest dress or the ribbon on jacket. Brand new knot on the top is named brand new Maedeup (??).

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