Johnnys Chat: Johnnys and you will Marriage + Relationships

A lot of people on the Johnnys fandom have often heard on the Jin Akanishi’s current relationship to help you Kuroki Meisa early in February and you will it has been a pretty very hot thing once the. Why is one to? This should look like simply relaxed gossip that you will get a hold of in the papers on celebrities in america, but in the industry of Johnnys, and East-Far eastern idols, it is a big deal. Some people possess requested, “Exactly why is it eg an issue?” therefore the real question is tough to address, unless you’re always the way the community work in general. I desired so it Johnnys Correspond with become from the Johnnys and you can Relationships on account of Jin’s recent wedding in order to stand out white into a good section of the situation many international fans, at all like me, wouldn’t learn. I won’t be speaking of Jin’s relationships particularly, but these are the marriages regarding Johnnys (and East-Western idols) are very different than the erican/ western a-listers and exactly how I understand Johnnys discover hitched.


Prior to getting towards the marriage and you may relationships, I think it is very important give an explanation for management program of idols throughout the east. I mentioned that it a previous Johnnys Speak blog post, but most idols (and you may celebrities) inside the Eastern Asia try addressed because of the an agency. So it agencies will act as a mediator between the idol together with individuals who want the idol getting jobs, including perform the new throughout agenda and you may what they do due to their business just like the an enthusiastic idol. Whenever i know it, western superstars do not have an agency, but simply an employer or a publicity person that communicates which have the drive and you may mediates between other individuals who should do business together. In Eastern China, the new idol gets an employer nonetheless only create the latest day to day activities of your own idol, perhaps not in fact provide the idol work. There’s also a whole ladder from government getting larger companies such as for instance Johnnys, and perhaps the abilities wont even have her private movie director, but a team director as an alternative. It’s the agency’s work to designate strive to the newest idols which comes inside the regarding exterior supply, including designate work with new center off whatever they create, which is in a vocal class.

Laws and you can Image

Including government by a company comes strict laws and regulations, including statutes from the matchmaking and you can wedding. That isn’t merely Johnnys, but the majority idol organizations and you can ability agencies, even when per one’s laws and regulations will vary. AKB48 and almost every other groups on the “48” supply this type of legislation. For many who break these types of statutes, you’ll be kicked from the group otherwise “expected to help you resign”. Johnnys is not as well rigorous regarding the relationships with regards to bringing kicked out of the company, however they are asked to store this new relationship very private and you will outside of the public eyes. When the a Johnnys try stuck dating, usually it could be denied additionally the agencies (to the each other parties’ region) commonly discharge a proper report that they are simply family members, regardless of if that’s right or not. Johnnys cannot score knocked from the company on account of one, but other skill agencies was stricter. The same thing goes that have wedding, however, there are more strict regulations about that for the Johnnys. Things have to endure brand new agencies regarding the ability you to definitely it create, out of assigning work, to help you who they are relationships, and if they marry. Why are here most of these guidelines and just why do everything have to go from department? It is all throughout the photo.

A keen idol’s (and celebrity’s) image is everything in The japanese, and you will Eastern Asia. What service Tutki linkkiГ¤ brand new idol suits is even a sign on which kind of photo you to idol is supposed to portray. Regarding Johnnys, he or she is supposed to be handsome, clean-cut guys that seem for your needs to all women. The key is “appear for your family to any or all female”. Just how can a great Johnnys see for your needs to any or all female when he is matchmaking some one or perhaps is partnered? This is certainly my personal team pupil front coming-out, exactly what if it image was tarnished by the relationship anyone otherwise marriage? One idol is no longer marketable to your agencies. If the a keen idols isn’t really marketable more, that makes it more challenging into agency discover services to possess the newest idol, and thus he could be staying anyone on that doesn’t build them money. So, the fresh idol must adhere to this type of regulations otherwise risk is an accountability into the agencies. It is harsh, yes, but managing idols has been a corporate.

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